Biomedical Engineering

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Computational methods for medicine and medical device design

At the University in Ghent, the specialization 'Computational methods for medicine and medical device desgin' is offered in the third semester. This specialization will contain the following course elements:


In this specialization students acquire insight into the technology and design of artificial organs and technical expertise and know-how in computational techniques (bio-fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction simulations). Students will acquire a strong technical background and, through project work, be able to apply these methods for subject-specific image-based biomechanical analysis in support of clinical decision making, design and virtual prototyping of medical devices,  ….    This option includes the following courses in the 3rd semester:

·         * Technology and Design of Artificial Organs

·         * Computational Fluid Dynamics

·         * Computational Biomechanics

·         * Fluid-structure Interaction

·         * Advanced Multi-physics Modelling for Medical Applications

·         * From Medical Image to Computational Model

In additions, students do a master thesis preparation project in the 3rd semester (literature overview and research plan), while the 4th semester is totally devoted to a master thesis in the domain of the specialization.



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