Biomedical Engineering

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Radiation Physics & Medical Imaging

At the University in Ghent, the specialization Radiation Physics & Medical Imaging is offered in the third semester.  In this option, students acquire in-depth know-how and expertise in (i) radiation physics for patient diagnosis and therapeutic treatment; (ii) advanced medical imaging technologies - applicable to all fields of medicine - and contrast agents and bio-markers for molecular imaging and improved imaging of anatomical structures and biological (dys)function.


This specialization will contain the following course elements: 

        * Nuclear Reators and Cyclotrons
        * Measurement Techniques in Nuclear Science
        * Radiologic Techniques
        * Technology of Radiotherapy
        * Medical Dosimetry
        * Contrast Agents and Biomarkers for Imaging and Therapy
        * Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technology
        * Advanced Image and Signal processing

In addition: Students do a master thesis preparation project in the 3rd semester (literature overview and research plan), while the 4th semester is totally devoted to a master thesis in the domain of the specialization.


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