To make the CEMACUBE EM operational the following bodies are established:

Coordinator: Prof. Bart Verkerke is appointed as coordinator.

Programme secretariat: Our programme manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., located at the University of Groningen, will handle all administrative tasks and is in charge of practical issues such as arrival of students, mobility arrangements, administrative tasks concerning study progress, collecting the marks of students, organisation of the selection procedure, organisation of meetings of the managing bodies, and communication. The manager works under the guidance of the coordinator.

Management Committee: The Management Committee consists of the local course coordinator or director and the student counsellor per university. The persons currently appointed can be found here: Contact.

International Course Advisory Committee: The International Course advisory Committee is an independent committee, formed to guide the quality of the course. The committee is composed of representatives from the world of Biomedical Engineering. Five members will take place with an educational, research, industrial, hospital and health insurance background. The committee will judge the quality of the EM, both on the organisational aspects as on the course content. The committee will read the evaluation report of the course, course elements and the non-academic activities and will instruct the Management Committee how to improve the course or non-academic activities.