The consortium members have developed assessment procedures which are comparable and fully transparent. General exam regulations are set up. In these regulations will be included among other things:

  • Examinations passed at one institution are fully recognized by the partner institutions.
  • Resits and second-chance examinations are described.
  • Master’s thesis assessment is done jointly by supervisors of the two degree-awarding institutions.
  • After one year the progress of a student will be judged. If the first year is not finished by the end of the academic year, the student has to leave CEMACUBE. There is the possibility to remain at the university to follow the local Master’s in BME, however this does depend on the local rules of the university the student is registered at for year 1.
  • Marking will be done according the national scales (required to offer degrees) and grades obtained abroad will be ‘translated’ to local grading system.
  • All participating institutions of the consortium issue the Diploma Supplement in English, according to the Berlin Communiqué of 2003.

After following all course elements successfully you will receive a jointly awarded diploma: two MSc diploma's, one from each university attended.

Note that each university has local rules that need to be followed. For instance, within CEMACUBE an Internship (traineeship) in year 1 is compulsory, even though this is not always the case in the local programme! (see also Year 2)