Application submission

We have no student intake anymore (programme will be discontinued per 1-9-2022)

After application by email (see Apply now! for details), you will receive first an automatic Confirmation of receipt and after we have downloaded the Application package (your documents) you will receive an email with further information/instruction. In this email the CEMACUBE selection time-line will be pointed out (e.g. when decisions will be made, interview dates, etc). Please note that you will get only 1 reminder email if your Application Package is incomplete. Incomplete applications will not be taken into account for selection, so please make sure you have all required documents. If you can not manage this before the deadline, please contact the programme manger This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as soon as possible and before the deadline to discuss if there is a possible solution.



We have no scholarship so you would have to arrange your own funding to be able to take part in the programme. What is possible regarding additional funding, does depend on where you are from as each country has its own funding possibilities and international grants. However, you can have a look on the web pages of the universities taking part in the programme as they often give information on where to find additional funding. E.g. DAAD in Germany:, in the Netherlands: Deadlines are often already in spring, so be in time.

Please note that we can not help you with finding alternative funding, but if you are selected for the CEMACUBE programme we can help you with writing a Letter of support if you would need one to apply for funding.


Selection procedure

After the deadline only complete Application packages (please see under Apply now for details) will be taken into account for selection. To make the first selection, the following selection procedure will be followed:       

  1. Document check: Are all documents required present in the application package;
  2. Diploma check: Is the degree/diploma obtained valid and of sufficient quality to start the CEMACUBE programme. This will be done using the Degree Quality Databases of the Netherlands organisation for international cooperation in Higher education (Nuffic) and NARIC UK. The rules of the Admission Office of the coordinating institute (University of Groningen) will be followed. If you want to see if your degree will be valid to start the CEMACUBE Master's programme, please check the Country Module of your country at Nuffic (click here). Please note that not all countries are included in the Nuffic webpage, in those cases we consult the Admission Office of the University of Groningen.            
  3. Detailed document check: Checking CV, References, Transcripts (engineering related courses), required test result (English, GRE)  to decide if the candidates have the right background to start the programme.        
  4. In the last step, the GPA will be taken into account. Hence, the remaining candidates will be ordered from high to low according to their GPA. Please note that if you do not provide a GPA on your Application form as requested we can not included you when we order all candidates. Please do not forget to mention the scale, as without a scale the GPA is just a number.

If you have made it through the 4 steps mentioned above will be invited for an Interview.

The interview   On average the top 30-45 candidates will be selected and invited for a Skype interview (using Skype Conference Call; see: The interview will be structured as follows:

  • Introduction of the candidate to the committee and explanation of the agenda;
  • A 5-minute presentation by the candidate on a scientific topic of her/his choice (e.g. BSc project or course project);
  • Questions and discussion about the presentation;
  • General questions posed by the selection committee to the candidate;
  • General questions posed by the candidate to the selection committee.

In total the interview will last 20-25 minutes. For this interview, the selected candidates will be asked to prepare a short presentation of 5 minutes (7 PowerPoint slides max.) on a scientific topic of their choice. 

After Interview   After the interviews all candidates are discussed and ranked according to their performance and application package to determine if they are selected for the programme. The candidates will be notified by email of their selection results within 2 weeks of the interview date. 

After you have been selected you will receive a letter of Acceptance that includes the allocated universities. For year 1 the students will in principle be distributed equally among the partner universities (taking other cohorts into account). The consortium will take the preferences of the selected students into account as much as possible, but the consortium reserves the right to make the final decision on where the student will go for their first year. For year 2 we again we will take all preferences into account, but the final decision will be made by the consortium.

After one year the study progress will be judged. If the first year is not finished before year 2 starts (e.g. not passed all required courses or misbehaviour), the student will have to leave the programme. In case you are a scholarship holder, your scholarship will be stopped.

Note that the change to another university (mobility) in year 2 is compulsory! 


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