In the year 2 course elements on a specific topic will be given. Each university will offer several unique specialisations (see below), based on keylines research, so students get state-of-the-art knowledge, preparing them optimally for future developments in BME.


 Specialization Subject


Artificial Organs & Implants


Biomaterials Science and Engineering 


Diagnostic Imaging & Instrumentation


Health care  (tracks: Personalized medicine/biomaterials/Neuro-engineering/ Engineering physics in oncology)


Medical devices  (tracks: Advanced design methods/Assistive technologies /Micro and  nano devices)


Medical Imaging


Medical Imaging & Instrumentation


Medical Device Design 


Tissue Engineering



At most universities, the first semester of year 2 consists of courses, including preparation for the Master's project), and the second semester of the Master's project. 

Master's Project

In the second semester of year 2 an individual Master’s project will be performed. This project could be a research assignment or a design assignment. During this Master’s project all knowledge and skills learned in the first three semesters will be appllied:

  • to solve a problem by designing a device (in case of a design assignment)
  • to realise answers to a scientific question by performing scientific research (in case of a research assignment).

Each student will have two supervisors and in the end the assessment will be done by a report and a presentation. The rules and regulations of the university where the student is registered will be followed. Each consortium university will offer individual Master's projects, in their specialisation(s).

Note: You can only start year 1 if you have finalised the first year before the start of year 2.