During the first year (60 ECTS), each university gives course elements on basic BME-topics. The content of year 1, offered by the partner universities is comparable and will contain the following:

  • (Patho)physiology
  • Ethics
  • General engineering course elements
  • Methodical Design
  • Project Management
  • Biochemistry
  • Bio transport
  • Working culture
  • Engineering course elements, focused on diagnostics
  • Imaging Techniques
  • Biomedical Instrumentation
  • Signal Analysis
  • Engineering course elements, focused on therapy
  • Cell Biology
  • Biomaterials
  • Biomechanics

These course elements define the basic level of competence of students. With these courses the student can follow every specialisation, offered in the third semester. When a student already followed a course element in the Bachelor’s training, (s)he will choose an elective course element, offered by the university.

Internship and Summer school

An Internship has to be followed in a hospital or industry (compulsory!). Even if the local curriculum does not offer internships during the academic year or a course, the student will have to do one during the summer. All CEMACUBE universities have an extensive network of contacts in hospitals and industries, so the student can discuss the possibilities of the internship with the local coordinator.

Between year 1 and year 2 a compulsory Summer school will need to be followed. Details of the summer school (where, when (July or August) will be announced in semester 1 of the starting year.

When is the student allowed to move to year 2?

You have to pass all courses and the Internship of the first year to be able to start the second year. You will be accepted in your second year university based upon your Transcript of Record of 60 ECTS of year 1.

If you fail to pass all courses, you will have to leave the CEMACUBE programme! However, you will be allowed to finalise the regular master's programme of your first year university.